Cökxpôn Café Theater Cultural Centre

The art group which organizes multi-cultural festivals since 1999 (and has its own location on the Sziget Festival since 2000), opened the cultural center called the Cökxpôn Café Theater in 2007. It represents an european holistic vision, and embraces all the team's projects, as an open workshop club and cafe. The cultural center accepts: music, dance, theater, fine arts, development courses, trainings, young, novice or well-known contemporary bands, electronic composers, DJs, dancers, theater groupes, visual creatives, closed or open lectures, partys, civilian societies and organizations, particularly in the central hungarian region, but also accepts artists from the countryside or abroad. The Cökxpôn Café Theater located in the border of Budapest's center covers all styles of art and musical life of today's interests: folk, reggae, pop, rock, alternative, jazz, blues, electronic, experimental, mix styles and it's sub-genres. Cökxpôn is the seat of peripherical, non-profit, experimental, artistic genres, and gives the course room for free to non-governmental organizations. The club with 4 locations (cafe, concert hall, workplace, terrace) can accommodate 250 people, stands out from the multitude of everyday places with a special supply of teas, warm hospitality and colorful sourroundings like textiles, carpeted floor and oriental lights.

Programs of the Café can be found here.