Rooms for rent

Rooms available for reharsals, workshops, meetings, events!

For civilian societies our small rooms are for FREE!

ance and band reharsal, courses weekdays before 5pm: 1000 HUF, after 5 pm and weekends 1800 HUF.
Private party, children party:
- weekdays: 5-60.000 HUF/occ.,
- weekends: 20-250.000 HUF/occ., up to the day, and room.

The price can be consumed!


Technical background
You have to take the responsibility of using our sound equipment!
Please observe the limit of sound managed by the sound engineer!

Sound PA

·         garden: Dynacord LM10-1 (2 pc.), LM8-2 (2 pc.), Alesis amp.
·         dance room: Kempton PW18s (1 pc.), (PA:2x350w + sub:1x500W)
·         2 pc.Wharfedale EVP15p active speakers
·         2 pc.Wharfedale EVPX15P active speakers 300W RMS
·         Studiomaster MIX12-2R gold mixer (12ch)
·         Millenium TDI4 (4ch DI box)
·         1 pc. Lexicon Vortex
·         1 pc.Lexicon Alex


·         café: LG mini hifi (CD player), 4db tannoy speakers
·         chill: Unitra Diora (retro hifi) 2db Radiotehnika s-90 speakers, 1db mp3as cd player


·         2 pc.Shure SM58
·         3 pc. Shure SM57
·         1 pc. Jefe AVL 1900
·         1 pc.Beyerdynamic 3313 
·         1pc.Sennheiser


·         1 pc. Behringer DJX700
·         1 pc. Pioneer DJM 600
·         2 pc. Pioneer CDJ100s
·         2 pc.Technics SL1210 MK2


·         smoke machine
·         laser 
·         ufo
·         bubble machine
·         4 pc. slide  projectors
·         3 pc. stand lamps
·         more reflectors if needed
·         projector we have NO! (renting is 5.000 HUF)


Parameters of spaces

dance room:
-40m2 dance space with 10m2 stage
-tile or carpet floor
-closed storage
-full front sound mixing



-100 m2 roofed part
-40m2 open air
-tile floor
-sound mixing
-chairs, tables


-tile floor
-chairs, tables
-sound mixing if needed





chill, workplace room:
-carpet or tile floor
-big mirrors
-pillows, small tables