Festival and Service

Cökxpôn Ambient Service

These are the moving services of the team, which is available separately or together at any scene and combination. The goal of the Service is to build longterm relationships in Hungary and abroad as well.

1, It is available to rent only our enterieur (carpits, pillows), without any building up.

2, We bravely recommend you our specially concepted decoration to the actual scene, made by our building up team. It is the base widen with special designed textils and candles. At this case the renting fee of the decoration is int he budget.

3, It is available to rent out teahouse with 40 kind of filtered tea, and 3 kind of fresh made tea made by special indian recipes. The teahouse can run by it’s cost-price in the case of big number of audience.

4, It is available to rent out programme from the background music through the djs to the bands. It can be musical program but also exhibition or live visual performance, dancing and theater performances, or lifesyle, dance and music workshops and lectures.

The scene created by us is a excellent complementer of any musical, gastronom, cultural and enviromental programmes, or exclusive conferences, trenings, and civilian parties to clubs or festivals. From the teahouse through the enterieur to the performances you can order our services for a conference or for a party whether only rent our equipment (carpets, pillows, textils, candlecups, etc.), or rent out teahouse, to meet your claim. Every programme need a place where the participants can meet and can collect information about the actual programme while talking about it. The audience can act as a society together, while feeling at home at this oriental, calm and human scaled surrandings...

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