The Cökxpôn Ambient Society

The Cökxpôn Ambient Society was born in 1999 with the purpose of gathering young, communal and spiritual artists together, with the background of the Cökxpôn Ambient Kft. and the Spirit Foundation.

The aim of our organisation is to incite creative groups and artists towards to collaborate in establishing a sustainable, humane community and long-term partnerships. Our goals are to organize cultural, musical and environmentalist events, to join existing ones and to support artists involved in these; as well as to set up projects where promoters, participants, contemporary artists and their audience can function as a community.

The group’s basic multimedial Cökxpôn Ambient Festival of all arts which took all event places till now in Budapest, finally docks at its own café club, the Cökxpôn Café Theatre and it realizes with a week non-stop programme at Sziget Festival as Cökxpôn Ambient Garden and Tent every year.

The Cökxpôn Radio exists from 2003 for to introduce the contemporary artists, and give information about the actual programs of the team at Tilos Radio, every Wednesday 3-4 pm.

The crew’s moving service is the Cökxpôn Ambient Service (teahouse and special enterieur), which joines other events and parties.
Their biggest scene was the decoration and chillshop of Ozora Festival’s chill tent, in 2008.

The Socety opened its Cultural Centre, the Cökxpôn Café Theatre in downtown Pest in June 2007, represents an european holistic vision, and embraces all the team’s projects. The centre is a meeting point of Hungarian and international contemporary aritists of popular and periferic genres and their audience within the framework of a complex: multicultural café-teahouse-exhibition space, theatre-concert room, workplacefor reharsals and workshops and office.